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I discovered a couple of things while roaming around the Internet. One, that there's a lot of people who enjoy the look of a woman in a silky, lacy slip, and two, that there's relatively little of this type of image available. It seems like someone discovered that you could get away with nudity on the world wide web, and jumped in feet first (sometimes literally). The next guy thought, "If no one's regulating this stuff, then why not go beyond nudes and offer sex photos?" Which, of course, led to competition to see who could offer the most extreme sex site. Well, this thought process left out a whole group of people. The ones who believe that less is more; that soft and sexy is more powerful than hard and nasty. It seemed that there was a big void that hardly anyone was attempting to fill.

So this site features mainly slip photography. Most of the photos also have the women wearing stockings, as this seems to complement the slip image well. (Bare legs and pantyhose are also featured in some photo sets.) Other often-seen accessories are high heels, bras (usually with half slips), and panties.

This is not to say that I won't feature corsets, camisoles, tap pants, etc., on occasion. I read each comment and take the suggestions into consideration. But the main focus here will always be the slip, and the relationship between it and its wearer.

Why Slips?

Slips are unique in the world of lingerie. Many men's first recollection of seeing a woman in lingerie is of their mother, aunt, or older sister walking around the house in a slip. For whatever reason, most women consider a slip to be "family friendly." They know it's an undergarment, but don't view it the same as they do any others. For example, I doubt that anyone's mother did the ironing while wearing a teddy.

Yet, as young boys, we learned that this shiny, satiny outfit was not for everyone's view. Even if you just had some friends over, the slip wearer in your house would run for cover. This let us know that we were getting to see something special - something that not everyone was privy to. Nothing is more exciting than something forbidden. Even when the forbidding is conditional.

But this forbidden garment was being worn out in public, albeit an inch or two away from public view. And if a dress rode up while sitting, the wind blew just right, or the elastic waist band was too old, this inch or two of safe area gave way to an inch or two of revealing lace. Women have always used the trick of "almost, but not quite showing" to enhance their sexiness. Plunging necklines, string bikinis, sheer lingerie - this type of thing forces a man to use his imagination.

Women may claim they wear slips out of necessity: a dress that's too sheer or doesn't hang right without one. Yet they're placing one of their intimate undergarments just barely out of view, and at the whim of the wind, the static in the air, or a clash of material when sitting. And when a woman's slip does come into view, they're usually highly embarrassed. But very few realize the effect that this display can have on a male viewer.

Back in the movies of the 1930s through the early 1960s, when nudity was taboo in Hollywood, directors instead used "slip scenes." A slip scene, like a nude scene today, implied a sexual liaison that had happened, or was about to. To many who grew up with these movies, the slip scene still represents a much sexier image than the blatant nude scenes of today.

A woman in a slip is a gift still wrapped, waiting for someone to peel away the wrapping layer by layer, but not without stopping to appreciate the beauty of the wrapping itself. Once unwrapped, the anticipation is gone, the show is over. Maybe the best lovers are slip lovers; the men who take their time and appreciate the beauty of their partner. How the soft, shiny material - be it silk, satin, or nylon - hugs the body at certain areas, and gently flows over others, dancing in the light. And how the lace at the hem and bodice gives a hint to what is lying just out of view, and adds a feminine touch that is undeniable. Sometimes the best presents are the ones that remain wrapped. Come take a look around and see if you don't agree.

-- Clell, 1999



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